Monday, May 31, 2010

Beauty Makeup Tips in Summer

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In Summer, the light from the sun is stronger than ever and so any imperfections on our faces may be highlighted more than in winter or in darker light.

However, it is essential in summer that you actually lighten your make up rather than increase it. If you cake on the make up in summer it will be visible for all to see and look quite stupid.

Furthermore, the heat of the sun may literally melt your face! with the result of not only looking bad but having a bad effect on your skin too.

Thus, stick to a little shimmering powder and highlight your eyes, maybe a little lipstick but otherwise leave as is.

Summer is not the time to pile on the makeup or whip up elaborate hairstyles. So, do I go bareface and pull my hair up into a knot every day to stay cool? I wish I could, but few of us can get away with that. So, here is a list of my favorites.

· First of all comes the sunblock. I never go out the door without a little protection. My face is already thanking me for that!

· While I might not apply a foundation, I do need a little color on my cheeks. I find that stains or blush creams give just the right amount of color and it looks natural.

·There is nothing prettier than seeing shiny hair on the beach and nothing worse than seeing long, dull, tresses. But it takes a little work. The sun is hard on your hair too. Condition well and use products especially formulated for the summer sun.

· I can get away without eye shadow, but I do need eye liner. And because I have oily lids, I always prep the lid. There is nothing worse that eye liner that has smeared. Not a pretty site. BTW, most cosmetic companies offer great products to prevent your eye makeup from melting.

·Heavy lipsticks aren't for summer either. Look for something sheer. I often mix my lipsticks with a little petroleum jelly. It softens the color and offers great shine too.

· Polish those toenails, and while you are at it, make sure that your heels are free of dead skin. You might not notice it, but everyone else will.

· Keep your eyes open for little summer bags. I recently picked one up that was part of a set from Victoria Secret. Have you checked out their fragrances? Now, I not only smell good, I have a great little bag as well!

Another more helpful tips

Use a waterproof eyeliner for lasting power. You can also moisten your favourite shadow with water and apply it to your lash line.

Wear waterproof mascara

to eliminate smudges under the eyes.

When it comes to cheeks, apply a stain to the apple to create a long-lasting effect.

Finish your look with the bronzer of your choice.

Once you apply your lipstick or gloss, place a tissue over your lips, run your finger across the paper and then remove the tissue. This will help to get rid of the excess but will not take away the pigment. Last but not least, have fun with your makeup. If you make a mistake you can always start again.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Secrets of Beauty Makeup Safety

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What does the quality of your makeup depend on? Your beauty makeup is founded on such important things as sort of cosmetics, skin condition, you personal skin treatment experience. But we often forget some details, at first sight inconspicuous.

Get by rote, these "some details" can make a lot of problems with you beauty makeup. Following some rules will permit you to fence off the consequences. As usual, rules are onefold you need good personal hygiene - clean hands, clean face, and common sense. There are some risks, which can put a crimp in making a beauty

When did you check your cosmetics bag? How many of you favorite cosmetics are out of time? Contamination can prejudice your skin and cause serious injury. Every time you open a bottle of foundation or case of eye shadow, bacterium and microorganisms in the air can rush in. But if the product is adequately preserved, its special components can kill off the bacterium to keep the product safe.

Have you ever tried to apply your makeup being at the wheel? One of the riskiest things a woman can do is to put on mascara while she's driving. You hit a bump and you scratch your eyeball. It is not concerned a disease bacterium, but normal germs that are all over the air can search into the hurt eye. You can go blind without proper medical attention through such carelessness.

The other thing: don’t share, under any circumstances. Never share, not even with your best friend. You see now, sharing cosmetics means sharing germs, and the risk with any consequences. What about the testers commonly found at department store cosmetic counters?

Are the preservation ingredients able to save the product? At home, the preservatives have time, usually a whole day, for clearance of bacteria injected after each use. There's no doubt about the cosmetic testers, witch are used half-hourly? If you really want to test a cosmetic before you buy, you should ask for and insist on a new, unused applicator. Healthy skin is a controlling factor of beauty makeup.

In increasing frequency we deal with allergic reactions to cosmetics. Highly allergic individuals know that hypoallergenic can mean almost anything to anybody. As far as it concerned with the cosmetics "hypo" means "less than", and hypoallergenic means the product causes an allergic reaction scarcer than other ones.

As usual manufacturers do clinical tests, of ingredients. But there are still no regulatory standards for hypoallergenic. Find more information about beauty makeup at
Makeup Cosmetics Blog.

Carole Parker

Carole is the author of some web-blogs in Health category. You can find more interesting and useful information at Beautiful Skin Blog and Ideal Weight Blog.

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